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The Best Cardiology Diagnostic Services

Cardiology is the primary field of our clinical work.

In order to enable our patients the option to perform medical examinations and treatment from various medical fields in one place, we have gathered a team of doctors of various specialties and expanded the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

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Naša poliklinka Dr Rodoljub Ristić - dobrodošli

The primary field of clinical work of "Naša poliklinika Dr. Rodoljub Ristić" is the diagnostics, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular but also general internistic diseases and conditions. Cardiovascular diseases - heart and blood vessels diseases are one of the leading causes of illness and death in Serbia. If you belong to a wide group of people diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases or because of your lifestyle you belong to a group of potentially endangered, experienced cardiologists and internists in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases will take care of the health of your heart. Our clinic was founded by the famous Belgrade cardiologist Dr. Rodoljub Ristic in 1991. Over the past years, over 250,000 people have been examined in the clinic Cardiological examination is carried out using the latest generation medical equipment.


Dr Rodoljub Ristić

Dr Rodoljub Ristić

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Let us list some of the most frequently asked questions about heart and blood vessels diseases. You can also ask a question, and we will try to answer it as soon as possible. More than 250,000 patients examined in our clinic can tell about the quality of our medical services.

  • 27 years
  • 250 000 medical examinations
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