General Medical Examination

Most of the people visit the doctor at the moment when problems occur. Unfortunately, in every medical field there are diseases that cannot be stopped or cured at the moment when they have already begun. The awarennes of prevention is growing in our society over the past few years, as well as the necessity of preventive physical examination which can exclude the existence of any disease or those diagnosed can be taken care of at a stage when the treatment is possible. In addition, physical examination reveals the risk factors for certain diseases, many of which that can be affected merely by changes in ones lifestyle.

At Nasa Poliklinika, it is possible to conduct the complete physical examination both individual and collective.

A systematic review includes:

  • Specialist exam
  • ECG monitoring for 20 minutes
  • Colordoppler echocardiography - Echocardiography
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • For the men: Ultrasonography of the urinary tract (prostate) / For the women: Breast Ultrasound
  • Laboratory analysis: CBC, Se, glucose, lipid profile, urin

Given the increasing number of heart diseases (even among young people), Nasa Poliklinika offers a unique package within preventive cardiological SYSTEMATIC REVIEW:

  • Specialist exam, review and final review
  • ECG monitoring for 20 minutes
  • Colordoppler echocardiography - Echocardiography
  • CDS blood vessels
  • 24h - Holter ECG monitoring
  • Ambp -24h - Holter pressure (optional)
  • Heart stress test
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