Psychiatric examination is primarily focused on conversation and achievement of the good communication with the patient.

It is important to establish a relationship of trust and openness between the doctor and the patient.Earlier, psychiatric examination and psychiatric therapy were taboo. Today, when our living and working conditions became more stressful, the need for such kind of medical assistance has greatly increased. Also a large number of patients accepted the fact that early starting of the treatment is essential for the efficient problem solving.

The examination looks like a conversation. It is not timed and lasts as long as the situation demands. The doctor asks questions and the patient responds. We emphasize that the patient does not have to answer the questions that he doesn’t want to. A general inspection, observation of the patient and learning about his environment and general situation are the important parts of the examination. The most important goals of the therapy are achieving of good quality communication and creating of trust in physician. Sometimes the psychotherapy is enough. The key is in conversations and selfdiscovering. In certain situations it is necessary to turn on the therapy. Regular check-ups and regular contact between the doctor and patient are mandatory.

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