24h Blood Pressure Holter


Blood pressure holter is procedure that measures blood pressure in specific time intervals within 24 hour.

This is great method to:

  • Estimate day and night cycles of pressure change
  • Discover periods of sudden hypotension
  • Control antihypertensive treatment efficacy
  • Correction of type and period of time during day when antihypertension therapy should be taken
  • Avoiding phenomena called “white coat hypertension” (blood pressure increase caused by fear from doctor rather then from disease itself)

Most important indications (reasons) for doing holter: dizziness, consciousness crisis, control of efficacy of antihypertensive treatment, unregulated arterial hypertension, suspicion on high pressure during pregnancy, and other situations that need detailed analysis of blood pressure.

Machine consists of cuff (cuff that is put on upper arm) and unit that measures and registers blood pressure values that are then stored in machine internal memory. Installed device does not disturb daily activities. Measurements are done during the day mostly in 15 minutes or half an hour intervals, and during the night on every hour. Interval between measurements is determined by a computer before installation of device. Patient gets detailed instructions how to behave during the examination and how to keep a diary of activities and symptoms.

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