24h Holter ECG Monitoring


Holter ECG monitoring is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure, a special cardiac monitoring that lasts from 24 to 48 hours. It is an extremely important procedure, given that the oxygen needs of the heart are higher when moving than when the person is at rest, as is the case during the examination.

If the patient feels rhythm disturbances, dizziness, chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath, and if previously cardiac origin of those symptoms wasn’t determened, Holter ECG is an essential diagnostic procedure.

Holter ECG recording is performed by placing the electrodes on the patient's chest, that are associated with a small device. Device, wich has the size of a mobile phone, records the ECG of the patient at all times during the 24 or 48 hours. A patient wearing the Holter performes his normal daily activities, and keeps a track of them in a diary (as well as the time of taking the medication, if on the therapy). It is extremely important for the cardiologist who will be analysing the results. We often suggest to the patient to walk a little more than he is used to in order to more accurately rate the coronary reserve.

While carrying the device, the patient should not take showers, move the cables or peel off the electrodes, and he recieves the detailed instructions once the Holter is placed.

After the Holter is removed, the data from the device is entered into the computer. Cardiologist analyzes heart rate for the entire recording time (the middle heart rate is observed, arrhythmias, ST segment level, breaks in the heart action, the length of some interval in the ECG recording). Based on the results we see if there is a myocardial ischemia, arrhythmias or disturbances of implementation, the cardiologist proposes further diagnostics and treatment. By this reliable and completely harmless method we gain an objective insight into the myocardium and the conduction system of the heart.

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