Ergometry (cardiac stress test, ergometry test) is noninvasive cardiology method that in indirect way determines condition and functional ability of blood vessels that supply heart muscle with blood. Test is done only when, based on interview with you and clinical examination, doctor- cardiologist suspects heart vessel disease or coronary heart disease.
Test is also done for next reasons:

  • Estimation of severity of earlier known coronary heart disease
  • Estimation of level of heart muscle recovery after heart infarction
  • Estimation of various heart arrhythmias
  • Estimate functional status in heart valve disorders
  • Estimation of persons physical condition

For performing ergometry testing next conditions must be satisfied:

  • that patient can walk on treadmill
  • has well regulated blood pressure
  • That there are no contraindications for test, which is estimated by cardiologist during basic examination.

Ergometry test is performed in comfortable, warm and peaceful room in presence of doctor- cardiologist and medical technician. After you undress above waste, electrodes for ECG shorten for continuous electrocardiogram recording, are stuck onto your chest, and cuff is put around your upper arm for blood pressure monitoring.

You will walk on treadmill according to program determined in balance with your age, gender and body mass and with continuous blood pressure monitoring and ECG recording. Test will be stopped after program is finished, but also can be stopped earlier on doctor’s demand. Test itself lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Sometimes doctor demands ECG recordings repeatedly or even blood take for analysis.

During the test chest pains are possible as a consequence of decreased oxygen inflow to heart muscle. Reason for that can be narrowing of heart arteries or their sudden spasm. Also heart arrhythmias development is possible. During test there can be sudden rise of blood pressure or pulse. In these cases doctor will stop testing and start procedures so that your safety won’t be endangered in any time.

After finishing testing sudden pressure drop, heart arrhythmias, or profuse sweating can occur. In that case our professional medical team will undertake procedures to remove above mentioned complications.

Ergometry testing puts your heart under stress, under carefully controlled conditions and in presence of highly educated and personnel capable for reanimation, however complications are possible. They occur very rare, but is life threatening. These are severe heart arrhythmias, sudden pressure drop with loss of consciousness and development of heart attack called myocardial infarction. These complications demand hospital treatment.

Our Clinic is fully equipped for reanimation and life support procedures we can provide until ambulance car arrives when you will be transported to hospital, in the shortest time possible for further medical treatment under escort of doctor.

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